Great Hollow PTA 
Please contact the PTA President for 
specific committee chairperson info


The Great Hollow Middle School PTA supports over 1,000 students and their families by providing yearlong programs and events for every child in every grade level. Please consider volunteering to support our children. The PTA will need your help to sustain a successful school year. Your involvement will continue to help our programs thrive.

Please review the following list of the GHMS PTA standing committees. Not only do we need chair people to embrace these committees, we also need volunteers to make a short term commitment. By providing your name, phone, and email, you may be called upon by a chairperson when the need arises. Of course, you may choose to volunteer your time at your convenience.

Committee Descriptions 
Decorate the front of school for fall and at the end of year for graduation.

Board of Education Rep: 
Attend district meetings, budget, and legislative meetings as they arise and report to the membership at PTA meetings.

Blood Drive: Kristi Bellissimo
Organize our annual Blood Drive; meeting with Blood Drive rep, contacting donors, posting advertisements, collecting donations from local businesses to encourage people to donate, staying at blood drive event.

Cultural Arts: Danielle Hoering
Plan and organize year round cultural arts and ed programs to support the middle school curriculum and goals. Communication and coordinate with our Principal, Faculty and PTA Executive Board. Attend monthly meetings and yearly showcases.

Discount Card Fundraiser: Shane Powers
Our largest fundraiser in the beginning of the school year. Organize with the fundraiser company and the GHMS faculty and students.

Fundraising: Shane Powers
Coordinates various fundraisers throughout the school year.

Health and Wellness
Represent the GH PTA at monthly district wide meetings. Assist with information and education for the advocacy of good health and safety for our children. Help establish middle school programs and events.

Membership: Theresa Melville
Set up and sell membership at PTA meetings, Open School Night, Orientations and online through Member Hub. 

Popcorn Fridays: Leslie Eisen
Schedule volunteers for all lunch periods one Friday per month to make and sell popcorn. 

Times Needed to Volunteer:  Lunch periods on one Friday a month from ~10:00 am to ~2:30 pm.

Red Ribbon Week:
A week-long (usually end of October) nationally celebrated event to help educate and raise awareness of the dangers of alcohol, tobacco and other drugs and to promote a non-violent and bully-free environment. Decorate the school, organize activities and coordinate assemblies/events with faculty and NJHS. 

Time Needed to Volunteer:  The event will run for a week in the fall.  Volunteers are needed after school hours to decorate, plan, etc. 

School Photos:
Coordinates School Photo Days in the Fall. Assist in the beginning of the school year with school photo ID preparation.

Times Needed to Volunteer:  During school hours on picture day.

Special Education PTA. Serves as a liaison and advocate between Smithtown Special Education PTA and the GHMS PTA. Attend monthly meetings and other forums to help communicate Special Education issues and topics. Reports at monthly GHMS PTA meetings.

Spirit Wear: Heather Cortina and Danielle Hoering
Coordinates online sales of our school’s spirit wear attire.  Collects, processes and distributes orders.

Staff Appreciation Day:
Coordinates a staff appreciation luncheon event for GHMS faculty and staff in May (date to be announced).

Times Needed to Volunteer:  Setting up before, during and after-school on the day of event.
Meeting with the committee (after school hours)

Website/Social Media:
Maintains and updates the Great Hollow Middle School PTA website and Facebook pages. Posts important information regarding our school and PTA.

Takes pictures, organize yearbook, yearbook cover contest & the ordering of yearbook.

6th, 7th and 8th grade Committees:
Organize and plan monthly activities outside of school by grade or school-wide.